“Myself” I can define as a girl who is bearing many responsibilities together and trying to put her best effort in every role she is playing whether a student, a wife, a daughter-in-law or a daughter and trying to maintain a perfect balance between all these roles.

I think the god is blessing me at every moment and at every step of my life and sending supports for me in different forms surrounding me and my life, may be in the form of my family, teachers,  friends or in any way. So, my philosophy in life is that “if you are not getting the thing you are trying for, don’t get depressed, that thing is not meant for you. There is some better surprise for you with the one who is  always taking care of yourself, the almighty and he knows what is better for you that will automatically  get revealed for you at the right time and that day you will realise that “yes… this is best for me”

My state was like an unstable atom with mind as a charged electron which was roaming in an orbital to find stability. In the form of OSDD I got a very reactive environment with so many catalysts and precursors to initiate my activity. Now when I am here in this environment, I am expecting for some excellent reaction to happen and hoping that it will come with some novel product useful for humanity.

That is what I believe in… god has given me what is best for me….Till now he  has driven me….  now it’s my responsibility to take it forward in the best possible manner…. and I will do it..